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Wednesday, January 26th, 2010

+ News
sherlockhet Het-centric Sherlock comm.
Discussion post: The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970) at shwatchalongs

+ Challenges
Vote Rentry at thegameison_sh

+ Fan Art
Enemies by marill_chan (Holmes, Mycroft | G | BBC)
ORANGE! by danglingdingle (Mycroft | G | BBC)
A Study in Paper #7: Холмс и Ватсон by ldhenson (Holmes, Watson | G | Russian)

+ Fan Fic
In Progress
Patron of Squatters: Part 2 by serenusc (Holmes, Watson | PG-13 | ACD)
Incantations and Deductions: Parts 1, 2 & 3 by hbomb90 (Holmes, Watson, Others | PG-13 | BBC/Harry Potter)
All That Glitters: Part 7 by atlinmerrick (Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | BBC)
A promise kept, a world indebted by magicalstarsky (Holmes/Watson | R | BBC)
When Meeting as Equals: Part 3 by gaylarain (Holmes/Watson | PG-13 | BBC)
Tyger, Tyger: Part 7 by arileo (Holmes, Watson | PG-13 | BBC)
The Rules of Fair Play Do Not Apply: Parts 1, 2 & 3 by wallhaditcoming (Holmes/Watson, Watson/Moriarty | PG | BBC)
Back to Baker Street: Part 7 by shellystark (Holmes/OC | R | Ritchie)

Fragile Bodies by fengirl88 (Holmes/Watson | R | BBC)
Leave a Trail by sirona_gs (Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | BBC)
Walls by eenaangel (Holmes/Watson | PG-13 | BBC)
Strangers by cj_ludd18 (Holmes/Watson | R | BBC)
Opposites by sulla_ (Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | BBC)
The Other Hand by lucybun (Mycroft/Lestrade | PG-13 | BBC)
Spirit by fenm (Holmes, Watson | PG | BBC)
Solvent by fenm (Holmes, Watson | PG | BBC)
Of Broken Teeth & Stupid Love by gypsyexplorer (Holmes/Watson | PG-13 | BBC)
Words Unspoken by s0mmerspr0ssen (Holmes, Watson | R | BBC)
Things To Do Before Breakfast by danglingdingle (Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | BBC)
Evidence by shefa (Holmes/Watson | PG-13 | BBC)
Desdemona by brighteyed_jill (Holmes/Watson | R | BBC)
Anatomy of Loss by rhiannon87 (Holmes, Mycroft/OFC | R | BBC)
Blame it on the Night by carenejeans (Holmes/Watson/Lestrade | NC-17 | BBC)
Requiescat en Pace by ends_of_time (Holmes/Watson | R | BBC)
What Remains by seriousfic (Harry, Mycroft | PG-13 | BBC)
Irene by hells_half_acre (Holmes/Watson | PG | BBC)
Resign Yourself to Me; Or, a Very Short Engagement by lei_che_sogna (Holmes/Watson | PG-13 | BBC)
Reasonable Measures of Grief by wouldbeashame (Holmes, Lestrade, Others | R | BBC)
Come Fly With Me by laurab1 (Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | BBC)
Just A Brilliant Disguise by laurab1 (Holmes, Watson | PG | BBC)
Cuddle Monster by marill_chan (Holmes/Watson | G | BBC)
Voulez vous coucher avec moi? by justnyxie (Holmes/Adler | NC-17 | Ritchie)
Words and Melodies by florfina (Holmes/Watson | PG-13 | Ritchie AU)
I Don't Believe You. by truthwritaslies (Holmes/Watson, Watson/Mary | PG | Ritchie)

+ Fan Vid
Sherly you can't be serious? by cantseethesky (BBC)

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