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The Holmes News

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A daily newsletter for the Sherlock Holmes fandom, across all verses.
The News
This is a daily news group linking to postings within in the LJ based Sherlock Holmes fandom. Book canon, TV series, older movie versions, the 2009 Ritchie movie and BBC series - across all verses. Everything is included.

Your editors are _stolendreams_, dancy_dreamer, et_cetera55, inlaterdays, unsettledink, veronamay, and worldincoffee


What Are We Posting?

+ News
+ Communities
+ Fan Art
+ Fan Fiction
+ Fan Videos
+ Icons/Graphics
+ Challenges
+ Rec Posts


Did We Miss A Post?

If so, please feel free to contact us via a comment or e-mail at holmes.news@gmail. You can also drop a link in the days post. Please included the following information.


We will not post links to locked posts or file sharing links.

Please keep in mind that the post is made different times so your piece may not show up till the following days post.


Other Important Facts

If you have been friended by holmes_watch - Do not worry, it's just the watch list to help keep track of everything going on. If you are not on the watch list, feel free to send an e-mail or just leave a comment and we can add you! If you have been added and don't wish to, please send an e-mail and you will be taken off.

Feel like helping? That would be wonderful! From wanting to be an editor to simply linking to new posts we may have missed, anything is always welcome.